Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Physics Involved

I plan on including many aspects of physics into my Edgar Allan Poe Machine. For example:

  1. Different Forces
    • frictional force
    • gravitational force
    • centripetal force
    • force of momentum
    • force of tension 
    • force of magnetism
  2. Different Simple Machines
    • lever
    • wheel and axle
    • inclined plane
  3. Height
    • At the end, the lever will raise the coin over 35 cm
    • The Machine starts above 35 cm
  4. Pendulum
    • A pendulum will be swung at the very beginning manually, beginning the chain reaction
    • in the middle, the tower will fall on a pendulum, causing it to swing
I will be giving the specifics when I complete the building process.

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