Sunday, November 17, 2013

Specific Physics

Earlier I posted about the different physics aspects that I planned on including. In this post, I will be giving specifics and revising a few things that ended up being changed. There are many examples for some of these, so I just listed a few.
  1. Different Forces
    • As the marble rolls down the pipe and as the train rolls down the track, frictional force is in action.
    • When the baseball is dropped on the lever, when the marble is dropped on the train, and as the dominos are falling on each other, gravitational force is in action.
    • when the marble is spinning around the loop, centripetal force is in action.
    • When the first marble hits the second marble and when the car hits the book which hits the ball, they are transferring momentum.
    • When the small magnet is attracted to the small magnet, magnetic force is in action.
  2. Different Simple Machines
    • The seesaw at the very end that caused the coin to fly up was a first class lever.
    • The train and the car both contained a wheel and axle.
    • The car drove down an incline plane. The train drove down an incline plane. The marble rolled down an incline plane.
  3. Pendulum
    • I ended up using only one pendulum. It was in the middle of the machine. A domino fell on it, causing it to swing.
  4. Transfer of Energy
    • When the first marble hit the second marble, the first marble transferred its kinetic energy to the second marble. The first marble now had potential energy. The second marble, which had originally had potential energy, now had kinetic energy. So, the first marble transferred its energy to potential energy and the second marble converted its energy to kinetic energy.
    • When the marble hit the train, the marble continued moving. It kept its kinetic energy. However, the train, which had been stationary, converted its potential energy into kinetic energy.

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